Vienna: Going Upsite Down- Head and Forearm Stand Workshop

Starts on Saturday, 22/06/2019
Price 40.00 €


In this workshop we will walk through the basics of building a headstand practice that is safe and sustainable. We'll start with an opening vinyasa flow, followed by in-depth guidance through foundational poses leading up to inverting, focusing on core strength, control and how to safely enter and exit from a headstand. Next, we will gain the strength to take your postures to the next level and upside down: we will break down the fundamentals of forearm stand, leaving you with the confidence and strength to tackle the pose. Leave with an understanding of different variations of head- and forearm stands, and have the confidence to start incorporating them into your regular practice!

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1.22/06/201910:00 - 12:00Mariahilfer Straße 51, 1060 WienSara


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