WARSAW Workshop - Fearless Living: Destination Handstand

Starts on Sunday, 16/06/2019
Price 35.00 €


Two teachers, two hours, and countless amount of handstands. This workshop is for all who always wanted to stand on their hands as well as for those who already can but want to work on their alignment and technique. Since we rarely, if ever, purposefully turn ourselves upside down, an aversion to inversions is natural. But it's a shame to let fear keep us from so many benefits and delights. In this fun and interactive workshop we will talk about wrist health, strength basics, handstand principals and much more. A great opportunity to connect to your core, apply correct alignment and dissolve your fears as you gain confidence to step out of your comfort zone. ALL LEVELS CAN JOIN.

Teacher :

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1.16/06/201914:30 - 16:30ul. Gałczyńskiego 4, 00-362 WarschauSara


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