Zürich: The School of Backbends with Sara Ticha & Tomash Strnad

Starts on Sunday, 04/28/2019
Price 60.00 €


If we stop and think about it most (if not all) of our daily movements are limited to moving forward. Rarely do we spend time defying gravity by moving upside-down, backward or sideways. However, backbends offer an exciting way to move your spine. They are definitely challenging and this class will shake you out of your comfort zone. This workshop-style class is designed to teach you to flow in harmony, synchronizing body, breath, and movement, while releasing tension from the entire body and accessing full spine flexibility. You will learn how to prepare your body for bending back with ease and control, as well as how to unlock your spine's full range of motion. All levels are welcome.

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1.04/28/201914:00 - 16:00Josefstrasse 130, 8005 ZürichSara


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