Adam Husler

Starts on Friday, 05/24/2019
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Heavenly Hips and Tight Bits Hunching over desks, cycling commutes, slouching over an iPhones, picking up kettlebells/children/puppies etc. are all activities that feature in modern lives, but that can actually create some less than desirable effects in the body. When our activities cultivate habitual movement patterns or develop tightness and weakness, in areas of the body, we need needs some time doing exactly the opposite actions. If yoga is a practice of balance and equanimity, we need to apply that to our bodies as much as any thing else In this class, via a controlled vinyasa practice with some deeper static sections, we’ll we target those problem areas parts, finding increased flexibility in the stiff bits and strength in the weak bits. Amongst other things, attention will be given to shoulders, chest, hips, legs, and plenty more. Maybe you’ll laugh and cry as you balance on that fine line between torture and mild discomfort, but you’ll certainly take home some useful ideas on how you can find more balance in you body, both in class and at home.

Teacher :

Adam Husler

Teaching in top yoga studios and exclusive settings across London, every week, Adam Husler is one of the city’s most in demand yoga teachers. Combine this with an international workshop, event, conference and retreat teaching schedule that, in 2019, will take him from Sri Lanka to Tuscany, Bulgaria to Sweden, along with plenty of destinations beyond, Adam is one of the busiest teachers on the yoga scene. It’s fortunate that students can bring him to their lounge via multiple online platforms. With a eclectic background including boxing, ultramarathons, a law degree and over 10 years on a yoga mat, Adam brings a unique perspective to his non-dogmatic yoga teaching .


1.05/24/201915:30 - 17:00Blaufahnenstrasse 12, 8001 ZürichAdam Husler


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