Everyday Mindfulness

Starts on Saturday, 04/05/2019
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Everyday Mindfulness - 4.5.2019 - PERFORM - Sara Ticha & Josefine Schulze

Did you ever wonder how it is possible to live in a mindful and balanced way despite the fast pace of our everyday life? Or perhaps you want to befriend stress and let go of anxiety so you stop missing out on new opportunities? Do you want to feel more content, more focused and positive in your day-to-day? Like music or art, mindfulness is difficult to describe and best experienced directly. In this interactive workshop Sara and Josefine will introduce you to the concept of mindfulness and will share with you tools and short mindfulness exercises which you will be able to do for yourself in your everyday life.

Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • The theory, practical aspects, and scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness
  • Simple & effective strategies for dealing with busy monkey minds & other common challenges

  • How to work with thoughts and feelings

  • How meditation can help you cultivate wholesome qualities of the mind:

    • compassion, generosity, altruism, and friendliness

  • How to work with meditation in order to find benefits from it in your life

  • Time for sharing and questions.


1.04/05/201911:30 - 13:30Mariahilfer Straße 51, 1060 Wiennot specified


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